Veteran officer commits Suicide as sexual Abuse allegations close

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Antonia Cacatian

Scribe: Samuel Otis



A 9 year veteran police officer killed himself in a mall parking. The San Francisco officer is believed to have killed himself after pressure of a 2014 child molestation case began to catch up with him.

The incident happened happened in Las Vegas where a girl under the age of 14 who was a friend of the family was molested.

The 49 year old officer shot himself as police attempted to apprehended him. Officers then used bean bags to break a window when they discovered a body inside.

Antonio Cacatian was being charged with child sexual abuse. Las Vegas authorities contacted the san Francisco police department last week to to inform them of the incident, a warrant had not yet been sworn out.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police spokesperson Laura Meltzer said the officer was under investigation for allegations that he committed sexual acts with a child under the age of 14.

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