Woman accuses two Football players of Rape retracts story

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Nikki Yovini
Scribe: Lucy Osbourne
A former Sacred Heart University student fasely accused two football players of rape is scheduled to be in court on 10 January.
Nikki Yovino, attended a party in the fall of 2016, when she decided to have sex with the two young men. She later decided to lie about the sex to gain the attention of another young man whom she had interest. She surmised the sympathy would push the young man into her arms.
The 19 year old woman lied about the incident which proved to be a consensual sexual encounter. She continued with the lie for months as the two young men lives were left swinging in the balance. One of the men accused lost a football scholarship and lived with the stigma of being a rapist.
The judge has not yet agreed to the plea deal and is expected to decide next year.
Judge Maureen Dennis said she would deny a pretrial probation agreement, saying, “This kind of false report is lethal to all true victims,” she continued,“Her actions altered two lives in a significant way. If not for the extraordinary efforts involved in this investigation, the lives of these two young men could have been altered much more severely.”
Yovino, left Sacred Heart and is now working in real estate in Long Island. She is charged with second-degree falsely reporting an incident and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.
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