Putin thanked White House for Intelligence

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Kazan Cathedral

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

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The current unpopular White House administration announced a controversial call from Vladimir Putin on Sunday. The alleged call helped the Russian government to spoil a terrorist threat planned for the city of St. Petersburg last weekend.

Russian officials first announced the call Thanking the president of the United Sates for warning the communist country of an “Eminent threat.” The call was confirmed by a White House spokesperson after being asked by the White House Media Corp.

Experts in International affairs have not yet discerned whether this is just another media manipulation or and actual event. The current U.S. President was known as a reality show star prior to winning the 2016 presidential election. Many people have accused the Trump team of benefiting from and soliciting help from the Russian Government. As a side-note [the Russian Parliament celebrated the Trump win over opponent Hilary Clinton in the controversial election.

The to nation state leaders spoke to each other on personal telephone calls twice last week. The first time was on Thursday after Mr. Putin's annual televised news conference and the second on Sunday, warning of the terrorist attack.

To provide contrast since 9/11/2001 around 60 unconfirmed terrorist threats have been spoiled since the Manhattan attack. That is an average of approximately 4 per year.

Seven members of individuals identified as members of an Islamic State cell. Russians believe the group planned a suicide bombing of Kazan cathedral located on the Nevsky Prospect on a main roadway in St. Petersburg near the landmark.  

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