Jerry Richardson vows to sell team after Season

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Jerry Richardson

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne



Former NFL Players and current team owners Jerry Richardson of the Carolina Panthers has announced that he would be selling the franchise amid allegations of abuse in the work place.

No only is Richardson accused of making sexually suggestive comments and requesting foot rubs, he has settled at least four complaints. According to new reports at least four former panthers employees received significant monetary compensations due to inappropriate workplace conduct and comments.

The agreements came with non disclosure agreements, preventing employees from discussing the incident. On the condition of anonymity former employees made a running joke of the owners sexually suggestive language. In one report it was said about Richardson's actions, “He was the boss. It was [viewed] more of a creepy-old-man thing than a threat.”

The panthers were also sued by an former African American scout after referring to him as a racial slur.

The National Football League announced it would be taking over the investigation on Sunday after news of the team going on the auction block at the end of the 2017 season.

Sexual and racial misconduct has been evidenced in many major industries in the US since the election of Donald Trump, pointed out after the infamous, “Grab em by the P*ssy” comment made by Trump when talking to TV personality Billy Bush.



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