Flash Back Monday--Say Say Say

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Say Say Say

Say Say Say

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com

This week we travel back 34 years. On this day in 1983, two little known entertainers landed at the top of the Billboard charts with a tune called Say, Say, Say. Michael Jackson and Paul McCarthy collaborated on this song as a part of Pipes of Peace which represented Paul's fourth studio album. The English songwriter and former member of the Beatles.

The Album was released in October of the same year, just months after another hit single with MJ, 'The Girl is Mine', the previous year. Earlier the same year Michael Jackson enjoyed success with P.Y.T. And the following year, one of his biggest hits with the infamous 'Thriller.'

The video was ground breaking, kicking off an era of music video storylines. This song's video featured two con artists named Mac and Jack, portrayed by the two hit makers and featured La Toya Jackson and Linda McCartney. The song was recorded in B flat minor and would fall into the begging love song category. The video was directed by Bob Giraldi who also had a cameo in the short. He was also responsible for directing the 'Beat it' video.

In the video Mac sells Jack a potion that will give him super strength. Jack takes th potion and the crowd rushes to purchase the product after Jack wins an arm wrestling contest against a strong man in the audience (a plant).

The song reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and Number two on the US R&B singles chart.

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