Man steals Food Items from Stop and Shop

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Scribe: Lucy Osbourne


Hamden Police are investigating a theft. 

Bruce Steiniger, 30, was caught on store surveillance stealing more than $50 of inventory from the Dixwell Stop and Shop store. 

Loss prevention witnessed the incident while watching footage and saw the man enter for a second time. Steininger was then confronted and he ran and was apprehended by local police at at a gas station. 

He is being charged with larceny and held on a $5,000 bond. He is scheduled to be in court on 22 November. 

Here at the Thinkering are hoping this man was not feeding young children and felt desperate enough to go to these lengths. 

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I know that stealing is wrong, but when it comes to food this is gives a whole different feel about the whole matter its almost Thanksgiving and he probably was trying to feed himself or his family. i know people give more around the holidays but the truth of the matter is people are starving everyday,

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