Lady in the Bag: Wuz Up!

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Lady in the Bag

Scribe:  Lady in the Bag



WUZ UP!!!  Well, a whole lot. Let's talk about taxes.  We love our country and Democratic values.  We live in the greatest nation in the WORLD. Don't listen to the downers, who want to increase your taxes, take back your health insurance benefits and give all the rich folks tax breaks, so they can get richer AND, in turn, you get poorer. The working class gets hammered, while our President employs foreign workers on his own properties and his daughter's designer line is produced in China (or so the media has divulged).


Our current President is the perfect President for rich folks: those who under the new tax bill would pass their millions, no billions, to family or others without payment of any transfer tax; a tax that could generate funds to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure (roads and bridges and government owned buildings). These funds would create employment for Americans and act as a resource to train Americans in technology and building trades. Those tax funds could be used to house the homeless, give food benefits to our working poor, pay for Universal health insurance and childcare for those parents who need to return to the workforce and have young children. WAIT! Does this sound like American values? Aren't we, as Americans (and as humans) supposed to care for other humans?


WUZ UP with the Republicans and Trump supporters: don't they have the same American values? Instead, these folks (Republicans and Trumpists- a neologism) have proposed a tax act that specifically forfends the middleclass from rising up to their potential.


WUZ UP with that? This trenchant criticism may seem harsh; it is NOT as caustic as others might think. WE are THINKERS and must face our economic reality; as a THINKER, we cannot do nothing: we must act by having rallies and letting our voices be heard. We shall not be trampled.


SPECIAL NOTE: Please continue to send those XXXLarge Pampers (XLarge Depends) to the Peoples' White House, since it is an adult daycare center.

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This article is on point she is right we as people need to think more about OUR future because these politicians sure as hell won't!

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