Tampa Bay Resident terrorized by Serial Killer who has Claimed 4 Lives

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Tampa Killer

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne

Email: lucy@thethinkering.com


Tampa Bay area serial killer has struck again in an incident that shuts down schools and work in the area. Last month the killer eliminated more three people and has authorities on a manhunt.

Local authorities are going door to door looking for the man who has not yet been identified but is seen walking wearing a hoody through a parking lot.


As of now authorities are naming everyone a potential suspect. Interim Police Chief Brian Dugan, says there is no clear link between the victims except proximity. He said, “We don’t know who this person is,”he continued, “That’s the reality. We know we have three people murdered in a half mile of each other in 10 days. They were all walking alone. Probably minding their own business. Lord knows whoever is doing this.”

Benjamin Mitchell was gunned down on 9 October, Monica Hoffa, 32, was killed ten blocks away on 11 October and Anthony Naiboa the third victim was killed on 19 October. The latest victim was found at 5a.m. on Tuesday morning again in the Seminole Heights area. The victim has not yet been identified but is expected to be victim number four.

Residents are being asked to remain indoors and out of school and work for the time being.

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