Army Standards Lowering now accepting Mentally Ill

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass


In August in an attempt to bolster the number of soldiers before the fourth quarter of 2018, mentally ill, and substance abuse candidates will be accepted. 

Previously, people applied for the US Army were denied entry if problems such as self mutilation or drug abuse came up on the application. No longer. 

With a looming goal of recruiting 80,000 new recruits by September 2018, the Army is laxing its veting process to reach its goal to continue to fight a stateless war. The information surfaced after a mentally ill Air Force recruit's mass shooting at a Texas church sounded alarm bells concerning mental health among military ranks. 

Under the new program applicants with issues will be provided waivers allowing them to serve. For the past eight years waivers was eliminated after a spike in suicides among US fighting men and women. 

According to Pentagon data more than 200 active-duty servicemembers have committed suicide every year since 2008. Psychiatrist suggest suicide attempts in the military are infectious and promote trends. Violence has shown itself after service in police shootings, innocent civilians facing violence from veterans and other mental health issues. 

The issue of extended time in theaters of war has not been discussed in the rise of suicides. Time in war zones fo r soldiers went from just under 40 days in WWII to 18 months now. 

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