Divided we fall, United we Stand

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Divided we fall

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


In early June, U.S. Army Sargent Logan Melgar was killed. His compatriot said Melgar was drunk and was participating in hand to hand combat drills. His wife immediately called bull and requested and investigation. He was participating in drills as a part of AFRICOM detail and was accompanied by two elite Navy commandos.

Staff Sergeant was respected by the contemporaries and co-workers. He was apart of the Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group conducting Intel in the West African national of Mali. Prior to being chocked to death he spoke to his wife about having a bad feeling’s about two of his co-workers that happened to be part of the celebrated Navy SEAL Team Six.

According to reports Melgar didn't’ t want to get to deep in detail until he got home and promised his wife he would fill in the gaps. However, he never made it home. You see, he was found dead shortly after finding out the Team Six members were involved in a scheme that provided them with cash. Cash designated to be provided by informants was finding its way into their personal accounts.

On 4 June an altercation occurred, Melgar stopped breathing and was taken to a nearby clinic where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The cause of death listed as asphyxiation.

Around the same time another soldier associated with the special forces group was found dead after a gun fight with local insurgents leading us to ask the question.

Why are US military personnel fight each other?

Derision in the US is part of the fabric of the country, but, during times of war, the sense of separation dissipates. Since the rise of the Trump administration, money trumps all and integrity seems to be a distant second. Mr. Trump in word and deed has made clear there has been a priority shift. America first and money over all has replaced one nation under God with liberty and justice.

The new philosophy reminds me of Aesop. The fable says there was a lion who prowled about a field in which four oxen dwell. Every time he attempted to attack he would face the oxen horns. However, eventually, the oxen fell a -quarreling[sic], and went their seperate ways. One by one the lion attacked and overcame each oxen until all were conquered and eaten. The moral to the story is United we stand , divided we fall.

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