Martellus Bennett Cut from Packers

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M. Bennett

Scribe: Samuel Otis


Martellus Bennett has been cut from the Green Bay Packers after being accused of failing to disclose a medical condition designation. 

Ted Thompson General Manager said on Wednesday after Packers practice. The Packers are expected to file a grievance to reclaimn the $4.2 million in remaining prorated signing bonus money. 

The 31-year-old Bennett is now subject to waivers, the remaining teams have until the close of business on Thursday to submit a claim on him, if not he becomes a free agent. 

We have not covered a lot of NFL recently, I have personally not covered the game due to the foul taste in my mouth after the owners pushing against a protest to shout out about unarmed Americans being shot and killed by police officers based on their race. 

I'm not loving the NFL.

Martellus Bennett is the brother of Marcellus Bennet who was recently acousted in Los Vegas who has participated in the protest started by apparently black balled Colin Kaepernick. 

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