Early Christmas ideas for She who has it all

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Night Sight

Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com

We all appreciate when a functional product that saves time or money or both or provides some convenience. With the holiday season upon us, I'm providing a few examples of cool gadgets for the gal or guy who has everything. 

1. Huddy- this product has taken the internet by storm. Its a device that uses your cell phone to create a heads up display on the dash of your vehicle. It work as a navigator, when you take the product out of the box, place your cell phone atop the device and Voilà, chango presto. It sports a transparent display that works in any whether and day or night. Huddy is priced at $34.95

2. Night Sight HD - Ever have problems driving at night due to glare. Here is your solution, Night Sight HD reduces glare and improves vision in snowy and rainy conditions. The glasses fight every your prescription lenses for a safer driving experience. Priced at $29.95. 

3. Suzy Bra - as an aficionado I highly recommend this bra. The cools is that its strapless, enhances cup size and comes in several colors. Its cited for its fit and support. Original price $79.95 has been a hot seller at a discounted $29.95

Every Thursday I will bring a few more items that will help to fill the holiday gap and take the pressure off. I'll try to come up with a name for the post. If you have any suggestions drop me a line for consideration. 

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