US only UN Member out of Paris Climate Accord

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Global Warming Paris Accord

Scribe: Samuel Otis


The United States of America, is the last United Nations member state to refuse to commit to the upcoming Paris climate accord. 

Before Trump took office the United States ratified the Paris Agreement aimed at limiting global warming to under degrees Celsius. 

Syria was the penultimate country to sign the agreement. The war ravaged nation state agreed to signing the accord on Tuesday, leaving the U.S. out in the cold. 

The current administration began the formal process to withdraw from the Paris climate accord in early August, but left the door open saying it would re-engage if terms are more favorable to the U.S.

In what appears to be an Obama undo presidency, Trump dumped the previous presidents goal of assuring environmental protections. Obama made gains to fortify climate protections by uniting private and public forces for the good of the Earth. 

Trump denies global warming and insists a world with climate safeguards and clean air and water is incompatible with economic growth. Many experts are considering this view narrow minded and un-inventive. 

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