Push-ups add to Quality of Life

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Lady Push Up

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne

Email: lucy@thethinkering.com

Most Americans see a long run as the ultimate form of exercise and a long life. But according to a new study, strength training is just as important as aerobic exercise. 

The new study also suggest gym equipment is optional, citing body weight exercises offer the same benefit. Push ups utilize nearly every muscle in the body, making it the ultimate exercise. Just as important as pushing up your body weight is the stretch provided to the biceps and back muscles as you preform push ups. 

Push-ups provide protection to one of the most vulnerable injuries for the human body, the rotator cuff injury. Safeguards are offered to protect the shoulder joint especially in older adults by enforcing and stabilizing muscles that surround the vulnerable joint. 

The study was carried out including more than 80,000 adults through he University of Sydney. One of the professors overseeing the study recently said, "The study shows exercise that promotes muscular strength may be just as important for health as aerobic activities like jogging or cycling." 

The World Health Organization's Physical Activity Guidelines for adults recommend 150 minutes of aerobic activity, plus two days of muscle strengthening activities each week. 

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