New York Football Giants Memorialization

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Giants Eli Manning

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne


Sports expert, Max Kellerman says Eli Manning quit on his team during the blowout loss in Week 9 versus the Los Angeles Rams. 

For months I and others with the Thinkering have said the problem with the New York Football Giants is the quarterback, Eli Manning. Finally others are seeing what we have seen all along. Its unfortunate head coach Bob McAdoo will be looking for a job by the end of the season, becoming a causality to the poor job done by Manning. 

The 1 and 7 Giants have conceded to a lost 2017-2018 season. The only positive that can be stated about the qb and this team is that the rugged Manning is set to start his 208th consecutive regular season game against the Niners, which will tie him with his older brother Peyton manning for the second most by a quarterback in NFL history. 

Its clearly eulogy time for the New York Giants season, and likely the end of a quarterbacks career. 

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