Jay Z 4:44 tour tickets as Low as $6

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Jay Z Platinum

Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com

Ticket sales $6. 

Earlier this year Live Nation and Jay-Z penned a 10-year partnership worth a reported $200 million and at that time in a statement to Forbes magazine the tenured rapper described the deal as redefining the live even landscape. At the time no one knew what that meant. 

The rapper and business mogul is planning a tour for his latest music 4:44. 

Fans hit social media and assumed ticket sales were slow for the aging rapper and he had to lower prices. However, just the opposite is true. He and Live Nation decided to eliminate the scalpers and resellers from taking advantage of the open market. The two teams decided to make low price tickets low enough so the consumer can purchase them directly and early. The top shelf tickets are still available at normal high prices, but, the low price tickets are reachable for every the low income fanatic. 

If this new marketing plan works it could revolutionize live music pricing schemes. 

According to Omar Al-Joulani, the vp of touring at Live Nation, "This tour will be the biggest headlining tour of Jay’s career.”

The 4:44 tours sales are up 21 percent over Jays, 2013 Magna Carta Tour. 

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