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Lady in the Bag

Scribe:  Lady In The bag


I am proud (suffering from a bit of hubris), that I have been asked to write for The This is my first foray into this endeavor. I promise to be honest, forthcoming and provide you with the information that I believe is essential for living our lives to the fullest.

You don’t need to agree with my opinions, ideas and/or positions: but I do want you to read, enjoy and consider transformation from the hypogeal realm (into which many of us have fallen) and become enlightened, by acceptance of the ThinkersCosmicForge.


Personal Relationship Advice: how to make it REALLY work!


Three simple rules: close friends, companions, lovers, spouses and/or family members must agree to always abide by these 3 rules (AKA LAWS).

  1. Narrow the argument (issue, dispute) to one problem: DO NOT bring up what happened yesterday, last week or what OTHER people think or say(or said);

  2. You must kiss the other person before heading off to bed (sleep) or isolating yourself (wherever you wish to escape) (You can kiss the person on the top of their head or even on a dangling length of hair.); and

  3. You must say “I love you”, before you go to bed (This is also recommended for telephone conversations.).

AH HA! This simple process works. In fact, practically speaking, by the time that the dispute is narrowed, and you walk away from each other, you should be smiling because you know that steps 2 and 3 are in place. The objective is to walk away with confidence that your relationship is secure. You simply disagree on an issue and need to resolve it: with COMPROMISE. Pick and choose your battles carefully and thoughtfully. Let go of the small stuff!




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This is a very nice write up kudos great advice only if people would remember this when dealing with issues of relationships.. good stuff!

Good advice 

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