Jon Bon Jovi vs. the Cheat

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Jon Bon Jovi

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Jon Bon Jovi bid on the Buffalo Bills football team in 2014 and would have likely won the bid had it not been for Donald Trump.

Trump also had interest in the team, however, he was not willing to fairly bid on the team so he created and funded a group to run an anti Bon Jovi campaign. The group was called the 12th Man Thunder, they handed out fliers and gathered thousands of names on a petition promoting a “Bon Jovi Free Zone.”

The Trump team also claimed Bon Jovi would move the team out of the country to unfairly put fans against the seasoned rocker.

Mr. Bon Jovi was not awarded the team and nor was Trump. However, it seems the rocker has a higher moral standing than the man who would become the president of the United States – and thats kind of sad.

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Shamed and disgraced this country has gone to hell in a hand basket with this so  called President he has no ethics whatsoever.

Nice article!


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