Artist Claudia Rankine Set to Lecture on Race

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Claudia Rankine

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A local talk to discuss race in America has been scheduled at the Yale School of Art.

Claudia Rankin is scheduled to lecture on Tuesday at the Racial Imaginary Institute (TRII). The lecture is seeking to change the way we imagine race in the U.S. and abroad by examining the work of Knowledge producers, activists, artists and writers. The discourse is called The Optics of the Racial Imaginary and will begin 5:30p.m. and is expected to encourage conversations and the sharing of experiences.

Ms. Rankin is the author of five collections of poetry, including Citizen: An American Lyric along with Don’t Let Me Be Lonely. She has also penned two plays, including, Provenance of Beauty: A South Bronx Travelogue. According to the TRII website she, She is a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and teaches at Yale University as the Frederick Iseman Professor of Poetry.

The Lecture will be located at E.I.K., 32 Edgewood Avenue, New Haven

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