2017 Warmest Year on Record

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Global Warming

Scribe: Samuel Otis’

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com

Scientist around the world agree that the long term trend of warming driven by human activities continue unchecked.

According to the WMO or the World Meteorological Organization 2017 is likely to be the hottest year in the absence of the phenomenon El Nino. Many weather specialist say the “extraordinary” weather events like four hurricanes in the Atlantic at the same time bear the hallmarks of climate change.

In 2016, the international organization conducted a greenhouse gases study that concluded that 2016 showed a record surge in atmospheric CO2 gases.

Many island states believe the 1.5 degree threshold that insures their survival is under threat. The study that span from January to September of last year suggest a 1.1C increase from the per-industrial world. If that estimate is accurate it leaves just under a half degree variant.

Patteri Taalas, WMO Secretary General recently said, "The past three years have all been in the top three years in terms of temperature records. This is part of a long-term warming trend."

This years unusual storms are said to have been made worse due to the warmer ocean tempretures due to global warming.

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This seems to be true but Mother Nature always have the last word.

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