Lucy O: NFL Players, Leaders Lead!

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Leaders Lead

Scribe: Lucy Osbourne


As one of my colleagues said previously, I have pulled back from the NFL this season because of the Team owners refusal to see and assist in the problem of Unarmed Americans being shot and killed without prosecution.

Additionally, after the president of the united states got involved with the fray, I found out that many of the team owners supported Trump for president, I’ll bet they all feel like real winners right now. Trump is without abash, racist and prejudice.

For the aforementioned reasons I have pulled back from watching the NFL, and I have not decided how long my ostentation will last.

I’m also a bit frustrated with the players. I know this is your livelihood, however, some of you will have or have had family members with run-ins with the police. Could be a brother, son or uncle, Blacks are at risk, and have always been. Below is my message to NFL Players.

Lucy’s message:

Players you have a public voice, whether you are black or white or otherwise everyone and anyone knows that it’s unfair for an armed person to gun down an unarmed person. Its an unassailable point. If the best players in the league insist on some sort of pushback to bring attention to the problem the owners and the league would be forced to listen.

I’m not talking about third string defensive backs, I’m talking about people in starting positions and have some morality left in their bodies. I’m talking about he Russel Wilsons, the

the Philip Rivers, the Cam Newtons of the game. I’m talking about the Odell Beckhams, the Rishard Matthews, the Terrelle Pryors. Vanguards of the game, matriarchs of the sport that has been very good to you. We all know right from wrong. And, I want you leaders to consider, what if Mahatma Gandhi didn’t stand strong for the Indian people, What if Martin Luther King Jr. decided to stay home instead of marching and bring attention to the Ills of our society. What if Muhammad Ali, joined the Army despite his convictions? What if Nelson Mandela stood back in a corner and simply made a living as an attorney and retired. The world would not be the same.

Men I’m not trying to run your business, however, change comes at the hands of a dedicated few.

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