Insurance Hikes projected at 40+ percent for 2018

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Poor Whites Affected by E Order to Hike Insurance

Scribe:  Samuel Otis



The White House stopped federal payments, called cost sharing reductions as part of the Obama administrations Affordable Healthcare.  According to some insurance providers, the decision has destabilized the insurance industry with one company saying increases for 2018 is slated to go up from a projected 8 percent to 41 percent. 

The extreme increases will hurt consumers on both sides.  However, some states are making changes to mitigate the hikes the unpaid amount will ultimately be covered by taxpayers. 

For those people who do not qualify for state aid, would be required to pay the full increase amount.  For a guy worth $3.8 billion, no big deal, but for most Americans its bad. 

In new reports Mario Molina and major players in the insurance and banking industry, “This is Donald Trump monkeying around with health insurance, which is something he doesn’t understand.” He continued, “The notion that this is a market-driven phenomenon is ridiculous.”

The senate has a deal of the floor in which lawmakers hope to undo the damage done by this the latest damaging executive decision, 2018 rates are already locked in and the plan may or may not pass the senate or the house. 

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This is really some Bul*l****. We the Americans are so in trouble..Smh

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