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America the Inciteful

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Roy, Utah, is the latest location in which a racist, who says he is not a racist has posted something stupid.  Kade Rogers a former Marine is exercising his first amendment rights by posting a divisive sign on his garage door. 

His neighbors don’t like it and are saying that it is offensive despite the complaints he insists on keeping the sign up.  Of course he is a Trump supporter, and has written on the sign “Make America great Again, Purge and Purify.” 

Rogers is cowardly playing the sign off by saying its Halloween and it has nothing to do with race.  But, wait, that’s not all!  How many times have you heard this one, "I kind of knew it was going to happen (controversy) but it's my right, it's not racist. I'm not meaning to be racist, in no way, in fact, I have a black friend. His name is Isaac." 


For general information, I want to share with you some previously reported numbers, "Hate crimes in Chicago rose 20 percent in 2016, 24 percent in New York City, 15 percent in Los Angeles, and 50 percent in Philadelphia," the report read. "The city with the largest increase in hate crimes was Washington, D.C., which saw a 62 percent rise.

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Great article people need to know if someone show tell or show you who they are believe them.. The nerve of him to say I 'even' have a black friend whatever man.

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