Berlin Soccer team joins protest against Unarmed American's being shot by Police

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Hertha Berlin

Scribe:  Samuel Otis



Colin Kaepernick has gained the respect and interest of the world.  Many former sports personalities wondered why there has not been an entire football team who has kneeled to bring attention to those unarmed people being shot down by American Police, with no redress.

No Good Answer has been provided. 

8,000 miles away on Saturday morning Hertha Berlin’s players, coaches and officials took a knee, to further Colin Kapernick’s attention to police shooting down unarmed Americans without being charged for committing murder. 

Being, forever the showman, Trump intercepted the message and changed it to smudging the flag or the anthem. 

But the Berlin soccer players were not fooled by the American fringe push to further racism and the willy-nilly killing of Americans of African descent and other non-whites.   In a social media message the team said, “Hertha BSC stands for tolerance and responsibility! For a tolerant Berlin and an open-minded world, now and forevermore!”[sic]

One player had this to say, “Hertha always stands against racism. If we can fight against that as a team, and as the city of Berlin, then that’s something we want to do.”

When the team took a knee, there was no chorus of boos from the audience.  They were respectfully silent.

To date, no single team has galvanized to stand together as a team against the killing of unarmed Americans. 

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