Assault on Obama's legacy Drives current Administration

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Scribe:  N. Tru Bass




The end is nigh.  The White House has announced the end of cost-sharing subsidies that have helped some Americans obtain health insurance on the Affordable Health Care Plan implemented by President Barack Obama. 

The subsidies have required a monthly payment approved by the president, which has been granted until now.  The current administration has decided to consider each month’s payment on an individual basis.  The move is expected to dramatically increase costs for some lower income Americans. 

This volley is the latest in a long line of the White House attempting to dismantle the gains of his predecessor.  This man’s feeble attempt to destroy Obama’s legacy. 

The decision was believed to have been orchestrated by the devotedly partisan Justice Department led by Jeff Sessions who was born and raised in the area of the south called the Klan corridor.    

As the affordable health care act is being unraveled, no acceptable replacement has been developed.  

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He (Trump) ever since he stepped foot in the White House his main objective and anybody knows this with any intellect or common sense the main objective is to try to tear down anything Obama has put in place!  Just because of the hatred he has for Obama nothing more is just ignorant!

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