Americans not surprised when Police are Dishonest

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Cariann Hithon

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



This story has taken me two days to write.  Ai attribute it to every time I see an image of this young woman Cariann Hithon, I see someone’s daughter, sister, niece, girlfriend. 

It also disturbs me that professional police officers are viewing American citizen as ‘the enemy,’ and that’s disheartening, especially for a group that started out as a terrorist organization for slaves in the south. 

With the invent and evolution of the cellular telephone cameras have found their way into the pockets and purses of nearly every American.  Unveiling, terroristic lies told by police officials traditionally. Some of those lies have continued to be told despite video evidence to the contrary.   

According to the Miami Beach Police Department, the move to fire into vehicles is rooted in overseas terrorist data but doesn’t adjust for American racism and its systematic bias.  The new adjustment to allow shooting into vehicles began in 2014, shortly after Chief Daniel Oates took the helm.  In a presser he straight faced said, as usual that an internal investigation is ongoing and the officer will be place done paid leave pending the outcome. 

Ms. Hithon, was inebriated and had previously side-swiped several other cars when an officer stood in front of the vehicle and was himself sideswiped.  The department then said the officer was in critical condition and could have internal injuries and was concerned about possible brain injuries.  Well as it worked out he was shortly released, there were no internal injuries and his brain is just fine. 

There is no mystery as to why an African American woman who is so inebriated she certainly could not drive and likely could not walk.  She had already proven she did not have control of the vehicle; how could she have not sideswiped a man standing in the street.  Hell, she could avoid parked cars that are much larger and immobile.   To demand that the young woman stop in that condition is an unreasonable ask.  

Just days before a Texas Tech student shot and killed an officer and was taken into custody alive.  Weeks before that a Neo Nazi ran over nearly a dozen people and killed one woman was taken into custody, in Charlottesville Virginia. 

So, it’s not fear, it’s not the threat of imminent threat of death that causes unarmed African American to be shot by police.  Its caused by racism and the reality that the officer will likely never spend a day behind bars for his action. 

Many people believe that Black folk, women and others are surprised when hate tactics are carried out in this way.   We all should be surprised, but, women nor Blacks and no other minority is surprised, however they are surprised when authorities behave with empathy and compassion and behave with moral intent.  For that reason, the U.S. Government should be ashamed.


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Unfortunately this is the way things have ended up these days.. I am pretty sure this story could have ended better if the responding officers would have took in to account this young woman was inebriated not some terrorist! this is truly a shame!

When will this madness end

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