ESPN's Jemele Hill hired for opinion but Not all the Time

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Jemele Hill

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Jemele Hill, this is an open letter to you.  While I know that you were hired by ESPN as a sports commentator offering up your opinion and thoughts about sports events and occurrences.  However, when you spoke an obvious truth a couple weeks ago it ruffled some feathers.  Some orange faced feathers, who has no put pressure on ESPN to scold you, since you are on their plantation network.

Last month Ms. Hill called the president a white supremacist, she later apologized for saying it and said that the tweet was an impulsive mistake. She didn’t’ say whey she was calling the president of the united states a white supremacist, but maybe I can help there.

She isn’t the only one who feels that way, Hillary Clinton former first lady, former presidential candidate of the United States said on Saturday, "But he started off from the very first day attacking Mexicans, calling them rapists. He had dog whistles that got increasingly louder on immigrants and Latinos and African-Americans and women and Muslims and the whole panoply of scapegoats that he was holding out to his supporters as the explanation for whatever their grievance was."  She was saying during the recent interview, that there is a lot of evidence that Trump appeals to white supremacists. 

And not just Mrs. Clinton but nearly every that I know feels the same.

Jemele said via social media, “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

I mentioned earlier that I would try and figure out why Hill would say this man in the highest office in the land is a white supremacist.    Maybe, because David Duke the former head of the Ku Klux Klan not only endorsed him but threatened him when he spoke against the neo Nazi who drove over a non-violent protestor. He also hired Steve Bannon who admits in his publication Brietbart that he is a white nationalist, without apology.  He worked in the white house until public pressure forced him out in an effort to save the administration. 

Well this jack ass in the White House once said that former president Barack Obama’s book was too well written for him to have written it, and it must have been written by a white man.  Racist?  Don’t know it was one incident.  Trump cowers when white supremacists and Vladimir Putin are mentioned.  He is slow to condemn racist for their actions until he believes the American have had enough and will sycophantically submit a written statement. 

Not only is he racist but his sexists too.  He clearly hates women, he once said to Billy Bush, we’re celebrities, we can do anything, “grab em by the pus*y.”  This is the garbage that is currently in the White House.

He is clearly the hope of all White Supremacists.  One once said, Trump loves us, a national news station had it on loop for two days.  Trump has ignited the quite simmering that has played dead since the 1960’s, with a new fervor. 

What she said, Jemele Hill is certainly true, however, to say it about the man in the White House is dangerous business, because this is not a fair country, and the president is not a morally sound man.  He honestly, regularly crosses the lines of insanity in the opinion of a group of psychiatrists. 

Why would he re awaken the nastiest appendage, in the United States of America.  We know that this is Trump putting pressure on the executives at ESPN, and they in turn have taken fright, and are stabbing at you, [Hill].  Jemele it’s not your social media comments in general, it was the specific comments about Trump.  While ESPN ask you to give your opinion, they only want you to give it when it doesn’t include righteousness for people of color.    Instead of standing up for your statement, they threw you under the bus. 

Police officers have shot and killed unarmed Americans and received a lesser admonition.  What you see is all racism, sexism and a system that has no intention of doing what is fair for its citizen. 

With that said, as you said, why should the responsibility of righting a wrong fall squarely on your shoulders.  I submit, Africa Americans should step away from ESPN, starting with me.  I have viewed ESPN programming every day since 1982, and it’s time for me to take a break.  I don’t want to support any organization that is too weak to stand up for its people. 

At the end of the day, this president has a pugnacious personality at least.  He has a serious, problem with women and every minority group known to man.  He talked about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, He attacked Miss Universe about her weight.  He talked about Mika Brzezinski saying that her face was bleeding while reluctantly visiting one of Trumps properties in Florida.  And let’s not forget the feud that started it all with Rosie O’Donnell the talk show personality who seems nice enough.

In his most recent attack, Trump drew congressional ire from both sides of the aisles.  He was said to be via social media, Sexist, unpresidential, unbecoming of an American leader, Vile, unhinged, shameful and amazingly graceless. 

Stop spending your time and money with organizations who support causes promoting injustice.  Pay attention to the companies who are advertising on these stations and step away from them, keep your monies in your pocket and support those businesses who support your community. 

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