How bout Yogi Berra Day-- Why Columbus?

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Yogi Berra

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne



Columbus is said to have discovered America, a boast that has led to controversy and rightly so.  Europeans have traditionally celebrated this man’s voyage to the Americas, when in fact he was completely lost and served to single handedly kill millions of Native Americans in the process. 

We talk about genocide of Jewish people which was wrong and of others which was wrong, but this voyage caused the end for 50 million indigenous people in this hemisphere.   Europeans introduced small pox a disease ravaged the natives and cleared the land for others to move in and take over.  It’s a process that has been successful worldwide. 

We can talk about the “trail of tears” and other atrocities that colored the landscape.  This Columbus day should not be about the celebration of a man who killed so many American’s, Africans, and others.  It should serve as a reminder.  To remind us that this Italian man represented Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, the monarchs who paid for Columbus to travel and find gold and gyms for exploitation.  He was the equivalent of a commissioned pirate. 

There are Italian people who could be celebrated but this guy is not one of them. 

While the Italian American Community wants to maintain recognition of this man’s accomplishments his legacy should be considered.  Fashion photographers known for his amazing covers an celebrity portraits, Francesco Scavfullo.   Gil Amelio, former CEO of National Semiconductor and Apple, Lenovo’s Willian Amelio is an Italian American who should be celebrated. 

Richard Grasso, former Charmian of the famed New York Stock Exchange.  Lee Iacocca who turned the Chrysler corporation around when all seemed lost should be celebrated.   Intel’s Paul Otellini, headed the company impressively as its fifth CEO.  Patricia Russo, CEO of Lucent Technologies has done much more for the American landscape than Columbus.  Billionaire founder of the Allegis Group and owner of the Baltimore Ravens Steve Biscotti, could easily be celebrated as a major American contributor and this list is endless. 

Other names include, Jennifer Aniston, Mario Andretti, Mario Cuomo, Donna Coni, I’m just stopping, I don’t have to because there are millions of people of Italian descent who could be celebrated and look t as inspiration. 

However, Christopher Columbus was not a man of good will, nor was he a man of moral foundation, his was a two-bit pirate who killed millions, that’s all.  

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Interesting story 

I  am all for the Yogi Berra day. Columbus was nothing but a pirate! This Is what America has came to do celebrating crooked and unethical practices..

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