ISIL claims responsibility for Las Vegas Shooting

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Stephan Paddock

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



Who was Stephan Paddock? One thing we know is that he was a multimillionaire real estate investor who had no real political affiliations apparent.  He lived in a two-bedroom home about 90 minutes from the strip two years ago for nearly $400,000.  He also owned a second home near Reno, Nevada. 

His Florida based brother described him as a heavy gambler with no known religious or political affiliation and was not a gun guy.

ISIL is claiming responsibility for Paddocks actions and US authorities are denying the claims.   Some are pointing to racism as a reason for the denial.  Several pounds of ammonium nitrate were found in his car at the Mandalay Hotel along with 23 guns.  At least one was equipped with a bumper stock allowing easy conversion from semi to full automatic.   

Before firing on the crowd Paddock smashed two windows in his 32nd floor hotel room with a hammer before aiming at the crowd below and across the street. 

SWAT stormed the room 72 minutes after the first 911 calls breaking no speed records I the process. The gunman was found dead and is believed to have shot himself. 

President Trump delivered another cryptic loss of brain function responses saying, "Lot of problems, I guess, and we're looking into him very, very seriously."

On more than 200 occasions reports about his financial activities were pinged by the federal government citing “suspicious activity.”  Casinos and banks are required to report any cash transaction more than $10,000 with the treasury department.

In the days before the shooting he wired tens of thousands of dollars to the Philippines to an unknown receiver.

The 64-year-old accountant had no criminal record and received all the benefit white privilege can offer.   The shooter killed 59 participants of the fourth annual Route 91 Harvest Festival and wounded more than 500. 

In an interesting twist paddocks father Benjamin Paddock was a bank robber who escaped from federal prison in 1969.  Likely descendants of European Prison Hulks in the early days of the establishment of this country as Europe discharge her unwanted to her colonies.  

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