North Korean Vessel transporting 30,000 RPG's

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Jie Shun

Scribe:  Samuel Otis



The United Nations has seized a North Korean ship disguised as a Cambodian vessel carrying thousands of rocket-propelled grenades.  The ammunition bust represent the largest seizure of ammunition in the history of sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. 

Kim Jung Un the head of the DPRK is regularly taunted by Donald Trump, president of the United States calling the leader, “Rocket Man.”

According to a confidential report U.S. officials tipped off Egyptian authorities of the ocean vessel which set sail on 23 July 2016 on the 8,000 mile journey.  The Washington Post reported on Sunday, "The vessel's automatic identification system was off for the majority of the voyage," the report said, according to The Post, "except in busy sea lanes where such behavior could be noticed and assessed as a safety threat."

Egyptian officials found on the manifest more than 2,300 tons of limonite or iron ore.   Subsequently, underneath the stones were almost 80 crates of RPG’s estimated to be 30,000, believed to be worth $23 million.  The cargo is believed to be practice rounds used for training.  It is believed to have been headed to serve Egypt’s new military to satisfy the thousands of new recruits.

The trade was a violation of sanctions imposed on the DPRK for maintaining nuclear armament.  The two countries have been neighborly since the Soviet Union days. 

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