EXTRA: Las Vegas strip on Lock Down as Active Shooter Threatens

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The Sunset Strip Active Shooter

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne

Email: lucy@thethinkering.com





Stephen Paddock has been identified as the man who carried out the nations deadliest mass shooting in its history.  The 64-year-old, man perched himself on the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and fired upon thousands below.  He shot into a Country Music festival an annual event that this years its fourth iteration, has ended in tragedy.  

More than 50 people lost their lives overnight and 400 plus find themselves injured and some of the  critical.  The shooting created a stampede when even more people were injured.  Those who were hurt have been taken to area hospitals.  Paddock had no criminal record, but possessed more than 10 guns as he changed U.S. history.  The man is said to have killed himself prior to the police getting to him.  Hundreds of bullets were fired as the shooter fired an automatic weapon down on the crowd. 

Paddock resides in nearby Mesquite, Nevada, where his home is being searched on Monday morning.  22 Thousands concert goers have all been traumatized and some trampled and some shot and/or otherwise hurt.  Misquite is  quite retirement community about one hour from the strip.  





The Mandalay Bay Hotel is the site of a shooting this morning as at least two people are confirmed dead and 24 others hospitalized in the after math of the latest mass shooting. 

According to reports a number of gunman took advantage of an open air country music concert to shoot down at the party goers from high-rise buildings surrounding the event.  The Las Vegas Strip is shut down as the University Medical Center spokespersons says they are caring for “many patients” with gunshot wounds. 

Police have established a triage stations and a command center, and have confirmed that at least one of the gunmen was downed.  Authorities are asking that everyone in the area to stay clear of the Strip as the reports of an active shooter continued to keep the city on edge.

The Thinkering News will keep you up to date on this terrorist act.  

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