Wife attacks husband for distrubing Masturbation session

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Flavia Higgs

Scribe: Samuel Otis

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A couple who sleeps in separate bedrooms had a recent altercation when the husband got home after midnight and heard moans of pleasure throughout the house.

The man, 43-year -old Garrett Higgs, followed the sounds to his wife’s bedroom and attempted to break in with a screwdriver. His wife then jumped up to bar the door as he pushed his way into the bedroom to find Higgs was pleasuring herself due to the couple no having sex for more than a year.

Court documents say, , “thought there was another man in the house and he used a screwdriver to open the door.” At this point, Flavia sought to bar his entry to her bedroom and “tried to physically escort him out.” during the rough housing, Flavia Higgs slapped him in the face, “struck him in the face.”

She is being charged on misdemeanor domestic battery, she is a licensed private investigator.

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