N. Tru Bass: Racist NFL fans your Slip is Showing

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Ray Lewis Statue

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


In an attempt to placate a dedicated organization, in earlier months former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis advised Colin Kaepernick to put his political views aside and just play football.

After dropping to both knees during Sunday’s protest a petition to remove the man who changed the modern LB position’s statue has to be protected by state police. Fans who continue to use the excuse of a player or former player in this case of disrespecting the flag or the anthem to make threats and cause mayhem.

Why don’t racist fans just say, we want to do whatever to you and we want you to shut up and take it. That would cut through and clarify so that we all could make a decision as to how things should go from there.

I’m never going to stray very far from the original intent of Kaepernick’s protest, to bring attention to the police killings of unarmed Blacks without prosecution. My question is, who in their right minds can argue with such a simple point. Oh, I don’t know maybe someone who wants benefit for being Caucasian? Likely.

You already have favor, if you can’t do anything with it, it points out your weakness. But everyone else is taking advantage of white privileged and understand that it is a privileged. With every advantage, if you still can’t thrive you have to look within. Minorities have babysat you long enough, if you don't want to see men who are clearly disturbed by the behavior of American police in a public way just stay at home and save your money. Your children would like to go to the beach on Sunday or just spend quality time with their father, so stay home and ensure they have a nice childhood.

Your pretentious, patriotism isn’t fooling anyone but you. Everyone worldwide can clearly see that the emperor has no clothes.

Number 52, who certainly isn't perfect. In 2000, the celebrated footballer was accused of a double murder of Jacinth Baker, at the time he was 21 years old and Richard Lollar, 24, both of Decatur, Georgia. Both men were stabbed through their hearts in a very brutal and bloody way. Lewis, plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for testifying against the guys that were with him. The other men were later acquitted, and no one held responsible for the deaths of either Baker or Lollar.

Before and after the incident Lewis continued to rack up statistics on the gridiron. He has a career total of 1562 individual tackles, 493 assisted and 41.5 sacks. A long 16 year professional career, provided him boasting rights, 7 time all-pro, 13 time pro-bowler and two time Super Bowl Champion. Lewis played 228 professional games he had 19 forced fumbles. I don’t know how much you know about football, but these numbers are unreal.

After all this, this man got on his knees and prays to support a protest devoted to bringing attention to unarmed Americans being shot down in the streets by the institutions that are supposed to protect them (police) and you are so angry you want to take down his statue. Here is whats interesting, you want to remove his statue, but you want your children to get trophies for participation.

Instead of attending games, maybe you should stay home and play catch with your son. And one day he could have a statue in front of the M&T Bank Stadium.  Now wouldn't that make you feel better?   Whoooo!

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I have so many words to say about this article..but I am going to keep it short and say AMEN!!!!

What a intesting article 

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