Why did the Arizona crowd Boo during Cowboy's protests?

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Cowboys Protest

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass

Email:  ntb@thethinkering.com


Why did the Arizona fans boo when the Cowboys kneeled before the national anthem and flag ceremony? 

It’s simply mass hypnosis. 

Some people fall under the belief that the right is right and some the left.  Some identify with white is right and others think differently.  However, these superficial associations have seemingly forced people to fight for issues they hardly understand. 

Mr. Trump celebrated the angry crowds’ behavior saying, “(booing) was loudest I have ever heard.  Great anger.” 

When Colin Kaepernick began to protest during a preseason game, it was to bring attention to unarmed African American being gunned down by racist police and being absolved from prosecution.  He game was held at the University of Arizona’s stadium. Complainers argued that the prtest should not be held during the national anthem, citing disrespect during the ceremonies. 

However, racism is a part of this schools, this area’s culture.  Just two years ago the school made students at the Arizona State University celebrated Dr. Martin L. King Jr’s Birthday by wearing sports jerseys, flashing gang signs and drinking from hollowed out watermelons. 

The incident involved Tau Kappa Epsilon, images of the party were celebrated via images on social media and pointed out it was part of the culture.  The same gang was accused of beating a Black man just months before the watermelon incident.   To dive a little deeper, Arizona was one of the final states to approve the establishment of the King holiday.   Former governor Bruce Babbitt, created the holiday by executive order before he left office, he successor Even Mecham rescinded it.  Voters of the state approved the creation of the holiday in 1992. 

For me this suggests there is not just a national problem but, more specifically a regional and possibly an institutional one. 

The crowd at Arizona State University Stadium made their minds up prior to arriving that they would not be satisfies if there was any kneeling on the sidelines.   Instead of staying home, they came to the game for a confrontation.  And, the confrontation was based on the simple premise, race. 

In a nation state whose wealth was built on the backs of Africans for the benefit of poor and disenfranchised Europeans who upon arriving at the North American continent began the process of calling themselves “white” as a demarcation for unearned benefits, this behavior is expected. 

If you are looking for a reason the crowd booed, it’s because the crowd was racist. 

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It is plain they are the ones that don't have any respect..What ever happened to freedom of choice!  I assure you if it was the other way around it would be a very different story! Biased!

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