Bannon Trumps Trump in Alabama Senate election

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Bannon Trumps Trump

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



The big election in Alabama has sent the wrong man to Washington.  Luther Strange,64, when down in smoke and flames as the Steve Bannon backed Roy Moore, now we know who the pulls the Klan’s coat tails. 

While Mr. Trump is proud to make statements about his followers loving him, the real grand poohbah has shown his hand in Alabama’s Senate race during the primary.  It appears that Stephen Bannon voice is a bit louder than the former reality television performer turned president with both men having a horse I the race for the vacant spot left by Jeff Sessions when he was tapped for the Federal job, US Attorney.  General. 

Bannon is and American media executive, political manipulator and chairman of the Derisive Breitbart News.  He also served a short time in the White House as its Chief Strategist (a made up position). 

Brietbart began it life as a liberal leaning website created by the late Andrew Breitbart of Los Angeles.  In his latter years the became a conservative and promoted racist and separatist ideas until his death of heart failure at 43 back in 2012.  Breitbart was said to not be ideologically driven but hated the bully and was willing to fight them in the political sphere. 

When Stephen Bannon took the helm, he took the media organization in a different direction. 

The group, published videos that had been doctored to incriminate its features.  One woman was secretly videotaped while working for the Department of Agriculture, Shirley Sherrod.  After the video was edited Sherrod was made to look like she was making prejudiced remarks about a white man and was fired.  After an extensive investigation it was proved that she was not saying anything derrogator but was talking about herself during the taping.  She was later offered a new job, which she proudly declined. 

Bannon has been accused of allowing the attempted rape of one of its reporters to happen without the support of the news organization, instead supported Trump’s then campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.  Lewandowski, was accused and charged by the police with a single count of misdemeanor battery in Jupiter, Florida. 

According to reports Bannon was accused of using the incident to get close to Trump, seeking favor at the expense of his employee, Michelle Fields.   Now, the tail wags the dog as Bannon’s influence supersedes Trump’s even while the former sits in the White House. 

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Donald Trump needs to be impeached immediately

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