Anti-Trust Laws does it matter if Small Business Can't Compete

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University Professor Forced off Flight

Scribe: Samuel Otis



A southwest Airlines passenger got a dose of what its like when anti-trust laws are not enforced. There are four major airlines in the country and they are quick to show you where you stand in their hiearcy of importance. American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines, are the four heads of the airline monster.

A woman who identified herself as a University Professor was grabbed and forcible taken off a Southwest flight, because she said she had a pet allergy and a service animal and a pet was on the plane. Instead Southwest heaved hoed her asking her to leave the plane.

She then requested an allergy shot to prevent her from having symptoms from the pet allergens, she ws refused. She then asked for empathy because her father is in the hospital. .

According to a Southwest spokesperson,“Our policy states that a Customer (without a medical certificate) may be denied boarding if they report a life-threatening allergic reaction and cannot travel safely with an animal on board. Our Flight Crew made repeated attempts to explain the situation to the Customer, however, she refused to deplane and law enforcement became involved.”

As the woman sought common ground she said to the officers charged with removing her, “My dad has surgery tomorrow. I’m sorry, my dad has a surgery. What are you doing?”

The flight was bound to Los Angeles, she can be heard screaming that one of the officers ripped her pants. She was urged by others on-board to just walk (for her safety). This incident is reminiscent of the issue with Dr. David Dao who ultimately ended up making his flight.

“We are disheartened by the way this situation unfolded and the customer’s removal by local law enforcement officers. We publicly offer our apologies to this Customer for her experience and we will be contacting her directly to address her concerns,” This statement from Southwest.

Does it matter if there are no other alternatives?  Does customer service improve when there is more competition?

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