And they all Fall

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And they all Fall

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



The political climate in the United States of American is at an all-time fevered pitch.   In a post Barack Obama era the political ideology of race is deeper than the skin. 

Over the weekend, the President did his level best to be divisive through attempting to put pressure on team owners to force players to stand for the national anthem and asking the owners to fire players for not taking the stance.   

Kneeling during the anthem became a thing when former Super Bowl quarterback Colin Kapernick, sat during a preseason game to bring attention to a visible rash of American police officers gunning down unarmed African American men, women and children without prosecution.   It seems to be an unopposable position.  But, not in today’s North America.

The idea of fascism is not a new one and the ultimate goal is to horde resources created by some divisive delirium to provide something for nothing to a few while the mass population are relegated to share the rest.  This idea is an old one, especially in places where moral fibers re weak from the start.   And this open letter is to illuminate the obviousness of this new and latest attempt to unfairly segregate resources. 

The mass confusion is continued despite which party you are associated with.  Politics have failed the American people; the American government has failed the American people.  The democrats can be trusted any more than republicans or independents.  Our system of government has cajoled and lied to her people only to pimp and abuse the populous despite the free reign offered up by most of citizens.

If history has taught us anything, it would have to be that fascism never stops, the idea of it is to eliminate competition in a prejudice and unfair way.   Believe me in this place, we know something about that.  We live in a country built on the backs of slaves who never participated in the fulfillment of wealth created, that they were forced to give their lives to achieve. 

I understand why whites in American would try to hold on to the status quo.  However, what you see at play here is a population that has become too large to sustain based on the traditional demarcations, like race, religion and language.  For those who missed it, you white who are social economically marginal are being reallocated or categorized. 

I’m here to assure you that the fascism of Europe cannot live in this environment.   You see, we have never forgotten the 4th of August Regime in Greece under Metaxas, we refuse to forget Falange in Spain under Franco or Sanitation in Poland.    It was recently brought to my attention by a fast friend that Poland and Hungary has now taken a quasi-conservative or non-inclusive path forward despite their histories.

There are enough Jewish people whose families suffer under the fascism of the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler, or Hungarians under the Arrow Cross Party.   

Whether it is to horde resources or gained new resources it never works because the process is flawed, and it begins to cannibalize itself.

While Mussolini and Hitler were not always friendly, they were of like minds.  The two men represented very powerful countries at a volatile time in world politics.   Italy was praised by Nazi member Hermann Esser saying, “what a group of brave men in Italy have done, we can also do in Bavaria. We’ve also got Italy’s Mussolini: his name is Adolf Hitler. 

White power has always been financed by Black backs, enough is enough.

And we can say the same for the derisive Donald Trump and as those men were unsuccessful so will he fail.  The United States of America will not be divided.  Better men than the current president have tried and better men have failed. 

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