Father and Daughter beats at High School Teen left in Critical Condition

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Wrights Fight

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne

Email:  lucy@thethinkering.com


A tag team fight including one man and his daughter at one Kansas highs school left one teen bleeding from the ear. 

Josiah Wright, 40 and his daughter, Jonay Wright, 17, were charged with assault after kicking and beating the younger Wright’s former boyfriend.  The altercation began when the man was having lunch with his daughter and the former boyfriend allegedly send a threatening text message.  The father and daughter team the found the boy on campus and according to authorities the father said to him, “You threatened to kill my daughter. I’ll f–k you up.”  The man the grabbed the boy by his hair threw him to the ground and the two began to beat and kick him. 

The teen victim is now in critical condition with a suspected brain bleeding as evidence by the boy bleeding from the ear when attacked at the Ruskin High School. 

The school said no protocol was violated and no charges would be pressed on that point.  However, Mr. right faces first-degree assault and his daughter is charged with second-degree domestic assault.  

Severe eye abrasions, swelling to his head were the results of the tag team participants redress to the threatening text.  Both the daughter and father kicked and punched the teen.  Witnesses told authorities, the dad stomped on the teen’s head while his daughter kicked him in the chest and groin. 

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