Boxing Champion Jake LaMotta Dead at 95

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Jake La Motta

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



A legend has passed.  Jake LaMotta the one time boxing champion has died at the age of 95.  The tough pugilist life was repeated with the actor legend Robert De Niro in the film “Raging Bull.” 

He died in Miami on Tuesday in Miami according to his family.   

The brawler was a product of New York City and first learned he had something special on the mean streets of New York and in reform school as a youth.  The 5’8” fighter went home with a middleweight championship belt in 1949, and was at the top of the list of some of the most successful attempts at the great white hope.

As an American elder he once told the Chicago Sun-Times, “The punches never hurt me. My nose was broken six times, my hands six times, a few fractured ribs. Fifty stitches over my eyes. But the only place I got hurt was out of the ring.”

He once admitted to taking a dive at the behest of New York Gangsters.  He said that he was not granted a chance to fight for a championship until after he agreed to go along with the mobster’s plan.   Reportedly, the gangster bet against him in the fight he agreed to lose in exchange he won a championship belt two years later. 

La Motta and Sugar Ray Robinson were primary nemesis –La Motta once joked, “I fought Sugar Ray Robinson so many times, it’s a wonder I didn’t get diabetes.”

La Motta died in Miami still the 1949 Middleweight Champion of the world at 95-years-old.   10-bell solute to Jake La Motta. 

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