73-year-old Hamden Woman accused of Shoplifting

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Milford Police

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne

Email:  lucy@thethinkering.com


A Hamden woman is accused of shoplifting at a Milford Whole Foods story. 

Dorothy Hart, 73, was accused of stealing more than $110 worth items and giving the police a fake name and began to damage items that she had stolen once taken into custody.  Hart later urinated on the floor of the jail after refusing to sigh her arrest paperwork. 

The woman lives at 125 Putnam Ave, in Hamden.  The fake name she gave to police is Dori Burligh, the “hot handed granma” then began to damage items as police insisted that she be arrested.  She was then found to have an open warrant for her arrest after failing to appear in court on a larceny charge on 5 September. 

She was charged with 6th degree Larceny, Criminal mischief 3rd, interfering with arrest and failure to appear in court, she was held on a $500 bond.  

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