The Rock Lottery Performance @ The Ballroom

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The Outer Space

Scribe: Samuel Otis




The Ball at Outer Space is holding an interesting event called the Rock Lottery Performance @ The Ballroom.

OK, here is how this works, a pool of local vocalist, drummers, bass players, guitarists and other players are chosen to form a super group.

The process is impromptu, the each player is drawn randomly. According to the venues website, If you’ve been part of this event in the past, you know it is a blast. You, and other area musicians, who you may or may not know, form a one-off band as the result of a random drawing. You’ll be given a few musical challenges, and a minimal amount of practice time (approximately three weeks), then perform before a live audience.”

The first round of performance dates will be on Friday night at The Outer Space/ The Ball room.

If you are interested in participating, Nancy and Bill Saunders suggest find them personally, or text them at 860.388.7411. If you decide to text you are being asked to provide your name, contact information and what you want to play/do.

The Ballroom at The Outer Space is a craft beer bar & two stage music venue located in an industrial area surrounded by lakes and woods in Hamden. The venue is five years old and perfect if your are interested in local, regional and national recording artist.

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This sounds like a lot of fun and good times wil definitely check this out!

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