143 Million files Breached by Hackers -- Your personal Data Safe?

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Equifax Hacked

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


One of the top three credit reporting agencies has been hacked and the vulnerability was exploited for nearly two months. .


On Thursday, the executives at Equifax has been busy, first they announced that hackers gained access to sensitive personal data including home addresses, birth dates and social security numbers. The breach included files of Americans, Canadians and British citizens.


The company lost control of driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers for upwards of 209,000 consumers as well as credit dispute documents for nearly 200,000 more. The disturbing part of this story is the essential company admitted, information for business clients and core clients were not breached. For the American citizen that means, your file is in one area and IBM, Bellsouth and Bill Gates are in a different one.

If that is not disturbing enough, Equifax executives, Chief Financial Officer John W. Gamble; president of U.S. information solutions Joseph M. Loughran III and the president of workforce solutions, Rodolfo O. Ploder, sold large amounts of their shares totaling nearly $1.8 million after the breach was discovered. According to reports the sale were not part of a previously scheduled sale based on federal filings.

In true form a company spokeswoman said in a writen statement the three executives who dumped stock in the company were not aware of the breach at the time of the sale. Sure.

Nearly 150 million files were accessed.

The Atlanta based company operates in 24 countries and has data of more than 820 million consumers worldwide.

Senator Mark R. Warner said of the breach, “It is no exaggeration to suggest that a breach such as this — exposing highly sensitive personal and financial information central for identity management and access to credit — represents a real threat to the economic security of Americans.”

The same company was accused of selling thousands of lists of consumers data to third parties who then pitched loan modification and debt relief services to people in distress based on FTC findings.

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It is not safe not when they are the main ones selling your information it is the American way. Criminals.

We are not safe at all. This world is really bad

We are just not safe from anything

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