Hamden Man and 8 Others arrested in Patient Abuse

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Middletown Hospital

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne

Email:   lucy@thethinkering.com


Nine people are currently facing charges after they allegedly abused a patient at the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown. 

The Connecticut State Police Major Crime Squad of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction services police began executing arrest warrants for staff members at the Whiting Forensic Division of the Connecticut Valley Hospital.  Staff is accused of abusing a patient there according to authorities. 

Police arrested 39-year-old Carl Benjamin of Hamden, on Friday around noon.  He is facing charges of Cruelty to persons, six counts of disorderly conduct.  His bond is $75,000. 

Mark Cusson of Southington was arrested on Friday around 11 a.m. He is facing Cruelty to persons, eight separate counts. 

Gregory Giantonia of Deep River facing three counts of disorderly conduct. 

Six other people were arrested including Clayton Davis,48, of Hartford, Bruce Holt, 39, Columbia, Robert Larned, 45 of Hebron, Willie Betea, 45 of Middletown, Seth Quider, 34, of Enfield and Lance Camby of New Britain, the 48-year old is being held on a $75,000 bond. 

After the abuse was discovered, the patient was relocated and the staff members were placed on administrative leave.  

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A damn shame. I say once again, we are just not safe at all


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