New Class of Drugs offer Everlasting Promise

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Senolytic Drugs

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



A new class of drugs is moving from animal testing to people testing.  Mayo Clinic researchers in Rochester, Minnesota referring to the new drugs as Senolytic drugs. 

As explained in reports, as we age, we accumulate senescent cells, which are damaged cells that resist dying off, and stay in our bodies.  If the cells become immortal cells as in the case of cancer cells they only reproduce cancerous cells. 

The new drugs help the body to flush the old cells to be replaced with new healthy ones.  Researchers believe medical intervention that targets senescent cells that could attenuate other aging processes.  IN a written statement, Dr. Kang Zhang, founding director of the institute for Genomic Medicine at the University of California, San Diego said, “I think senolytic drugs have a great future. If it is proven that it can reduce senescent cells and rejuvenate tissues or organs, it may be one of our potential best treatments for age-related diseases.” 

Researcher who participated in both earlier and current research all agree that taking senolytic drugs from mouse studies to human ones is a big Leap.   

Naturally occurring substances that serve the same function are Quercetin and Tocotrienols.  

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Great article! With so many things out here today being tested this one sound like it will really work!

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