US President a Lunatic: North Korea responds to White house Threat

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US vs N. Korea

Scribe:  N. Tru Bass



“Bereft of reason,” were the words used by head of state of North Korea to describe the US dictator Donald Trump.    Never before have I heard another country’s leader refer to the leader of the United States as deranged.  This is a new low. 

This incident occurred in response to a threat made by the President of the US just days ago.  It was an open threat to the North Korean government.   In addition, in response to his threat to N. Korea to cause an “end of its regime.”  The Asian Nation State media says four Hwasong-12 rockets are scheduled to pass over Japan and land in the sea 17 miles of the coast of US territory Guam, and action that was awaiting Kim Jong Un’s signature. 

According to reports the people of Guam believe it’s just talk.  The announcement is a rebuff to Trump’s threat of “Fire and Fury.”  The Hwasong 12 rockets are medium long range rockets produced domestically, the current administration is claiming the sovereign country is afraid and that’s the reason why they are announcing military training plans – to avoid a misunderstanding. 

North Korea is requesting to have dialog with US ally South Korea, China is requesting calm, while describing the situation as “complex and sensitive.”   

The State media said Trumps words on Tuesday were “a load of nonsense.”  And added, "Sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason and only absolute force can work on him."

Guam is home to one military base and boasts a population of 163,000 people.  It’s considered a non-incorporated US territory, similar to Puerto Rico.   People born in Guam are US citizens, but cannot vote for a president or in national elections. 

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He is a menace to society heaven help us all!!

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