Costco Rotisserie chicken salad almost deadly

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Chloe Rodgerson betrayed by Costco Chicken

Scribe:  Samuel Otis




Two years ago a man bought a rotisserie chicken salad from Costco, it made his whole family sick.  

Chloe Rodgerson is still recovering from eating the chicken.  You see, the chicken was contaminated with E.Coli and while the remaining 9 members of the family was temporarily sick, she became violently ill.   She ended up in the hospital with a ventilator down her throat and as she described it, strapped to a hospital bed. 

Chloe falls in the five to ten percent of people who develop hemolytic uremic syndrome or, HUS from an E. coli infection, that endangers organs like the kidneys and brain.  She is now seeking capitol damages for her infection and subsequent medical bills – medical bills only amount to more than $2 million. 

To add insult to injury, Chloe was on her way to a to becoming an actress, she studied voice, dance, musical theater.  She studied at the Utah Conservatory of the Performing Arts, she even had an ensemble part in a musical at the Lincoln Center. 

The incident happened one month after she was married.  Luckily, her husband was a kidney match, because she needed one.  She also had to undergo the removal of her large intestine along with staph infections from the surgeries.  The kidney transplant was conducted six months ago. 

Since then Cloe has suffered from seizures, and has been hospitalized several times due to risk of rejection.   Court documents suggest a lifetime of medical bills and visits and while her career seemed promising, it is likely to be over.

In a recent interview she said, "I have been drowning in hospital bills and they have been silent on the issue."

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This story very informative, and unfortunate, be careful folks consume with caution!! 

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