Washington pointing fingers at an election rigged like It's own

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Venezuelan Protests

Scribe:  Samuel Otis

Email:  samuel@thethinkering.com




Citizen of Venezuela – Results of its recent national election has allegedly been manipulated.   Antonio Mugica, of London-based Smartmatic, the company that has provided technology for the Venezuelan elections said it detected an inflated turnout figure. 

Even with evidence of collusion with the Russian government, Donald Trump said of the Venezuelan election, that the Venezuelan government had turned into a de facto dictatorship.   The anomie US President even called the south American governments election a “Sham Election.”  And the American people know that the 2016 US Presidential election was as bogus as the World Trade Center’s destruction in 2001.

At least the Venezuelan people are protesting the president that has been forced on them.  Something the American people have not found the energy to do.  The US election had irregularities at every turn and unfortunately, the democratic party believes it should protect the institution at all costs.

All costs are proving to be Democracy itself—this is not what the designers of the constitution meant when they wrote the document.  

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