Trumps Chaos: White House Revolving Door

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WH Revolving Door

Scribe:  Samuel Otis



Rumors of the president of the US running dysfunctional businesses have persisted and Trump detractors are citing a revolving door white house as more of the same. 

Anthony Scaramucci, a former hedge fund executive was released from for the position of Communications director on Monday as turmoil continue on Pennsylvania Avenue.  People close to the president deny dysfunction, and insist there is no chaos at all.  But the dismissals are telling a different story.   Scaramucci took over as the White House Communications director or was scheduled to in August, but was fired before his tenure began.

A few other people who have departed from the White House are:


Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff. 

Sean Spicer, White House communications director and press secretary.

Walter Shaub Jr., this one for me is the most alarming, Shaub resigned as the director of the Office of Government Ethics in July.  He became director in 2013 under President Barack Obama – He was appointed by George W. Bush in 2006. 

James Comey, Director of the FBI in May was fired abruptly, due to Mr. Trumps concern over his investigation of voter molestation by Russian Hackers. 

Mike Dubke, Resigned as Communications director also in May, her served three months. 

Mike Flynn, was asked to leave his post as National Security Advisor in February. 

And finally, Sally Yates, former acting Attorney General who was appointed by former President Obama was fired by Trump after she questioned the constitutionality of the made up immigration ban and refused to defend it and advised others not to defend it in court.  

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