Russia's deadly courthouse shooting

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Russian Courthouse

Scribe:  Samuel Otis



A Moscow courthouse was ground zero when five defendants attempted to escape capture on Tuesday.   The five men attacked the guards and captured their weapons and began to fire on officials.  The shootout left four wounded and three dead. 

The men were being led handcuffed to the courtroom when one of the men attempted to strangle a guard while in an elevator.   The defendants escaped capture and managed to take the guards weapons according to Russia’s chief investigative body.  During shooting three of the defendants were killed and two were wounded.  

Two of the guards was injured and taken to a local hospital. 

The men were being tried for terrorizing Moscow motorists for months, three years ago.   Prosecutors say the men forced drivers out of their vehicles and killing them, members would place spikes on the road to stop vehicles.  All of the men were from Central Asia and were being charged with 17 murders and two attempted murders.  

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