Love and Hip Hop Star Arrested

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Karen King

Scribe:  Lucy Osbourne



One of television’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Star’s Karen King was recently in court in Atlanta dealing with an identity fraud case which led her to jail.  According to reports she was led away by deputies after the court clerk announced there was a warrant for her arrest in a case that involves her 2014 Maserati which she has missed payments on. 

I personally did not know there was a debtor’s prison and after a discussion with the news team.  Its possibly a fraud case involving her evading the bank who financed the car leading to a standing fraud case. 

The court issued the warrant back in October.   

Digression:  Is that the same person in the images above?

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This is the same person unfortunately!!! when people are using filters excessive makeup, weaves,etc when you see the person without all the extras it like being cat fished!! Lol

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